Tucker Has Some Words for Mitt Romney

We’ve made the point repeatedly that forcing Ukraine into NATO will in no way serve the interests of the United States, and in fact could hurt us here in ways from which we will never recover. And, by the way, talking about it doesn’t seem to have helped Ukraine either. For saying that, and that’s all we’ve said, here’s the reaction we’ve received, and this is just a small selection. We could go on about it, but here it is…

Oh, almost treasonous. Siding with Putin? Who is siding with Putin? I haven’t seen anybody do that. I’ve seen a few people try to side with the United States and that, says Mitt Romney, a man who got four deferments to keep himself out of the Vietnam War, that is almost treasonous.

What’s so interesting—and we don’t want to pick on Mitt Romney here, it’s too easy—but it does seem like if you take a step back, the very same people who spent the last say two years telling us that this country, our country, is inherently sinful, and racist, and disgusting, and born in iniquity, those same people, the ones who lecture you about how there’s something inherently wrong with you, if you live here, we’re born here, those same people have been the very quickest, the very first to whip around and accuse anyone who wants to save the United States from yet another pointless war, a war that they would never fight in and nor would their children, accuse those people of being unpatriotic.

Well, you don’t love America enough, says the man who thinks America is racist. How does that work exactly? We’re not sure, but in case you’ve forgotten, here’s the very same Mitt Romney marching with the very same people who told us that this is a White supremacist hellhole and, by the way, we’ve got to do away with the nuclear family. That’s never done anybody any good. Here he is:

MITT ROMNEY: “We need to end violence and brutality and to make sure that people understand that Black Lives Matter.” Read more…

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