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Explosive Revelation: NYT Hides Hunter Biden Probe Confirmation

The New York Times has finally confirmed whistleblower allegations that the federal investigation into Hunter Biden faced constraints. However, it took considerable effort to uncover this significant piece of news buried deep within the article. The Times waited until the 20th paragraph to disclose that IRS supervisory special agent Gary Shapley testified about the rejection of a bid by Delaware’s U.S. Attorney David Weiss to pursue charges against Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C. The report also mentioned a similar rejection by prosecutors in the Central District of California. This information was independently confirmed by a reliable source known to The New York Times.

The revelation of this source is crucial as it challenges Attorney General Merrick Garland’s denial of any political interference in the investigation. The investigation has thus far only resulted in a plea deal for Hunter Biden on tax and gun violations. The placement of this critical information in the 21st paragraph raised eyebrows, with journalists and observers criticizing The New York Times for burying the lead. It highlights the need to read articles from such publications with skepticism and to consider alternative sources of news.

Attorney General Garland dismissed the whistleblower accusations and reiterated that Weiss had complete authority to make decisions independently. He refuted claims that Weiss sought special counsel status, which would have granted him broader authority to bring charges outside his jurisdiction. However, the conflicting accounts and the delayed reporting of the whistleblower’s testimony raise concerns about the integrity and transparency of the investigation.

The response from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and other Republican representatives reflects their skepticism and demand for further information. Jordan sent a letter to Weiss requesting details about the drafting of the letter that indicated Weiss had been granted ultimate authority in the Hunter Biden case. The insistence on clarification and transparency is essential to ensure the credibility of the investigation and maintain public trust.

This episode underscores the importance of holding those in power accountable, regardless of their political affiliations. Transparency and fairness should be the guiding principles in any investigation, especially when it involves individuals connected to prominent figures in government. The conservative perspective seeks to shed light on these issues and encourages continued scrutiny to ensure justice and the rule of law prevail.

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