Tucker Discovers a New Rainbow Demographic

Did you know that there is a large community of ‘genderqueer’ dinosaur enthusiasts? Neither did we here at BLP until Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on a new piece by the state-owned National Public Radio discussing the passion some ‘transgender’ people have for dinosaurs.

“Rest assured, we’ve been listening [to NPR] every day so you don’t have to,” Tucker told viewers before diving into the story.

“Many people who are queer, whether they are trans or some other form of genderqueer or whatever it is… We love dinosaurs,” explained Riley, who NPR describes as a transgender “dinosaur expert.”

NPR reporters described their research on the matter, saying that “according to Riley, there is a whole community of genderqueer dinosaurs enthusiasts online.”

“So we checked it out,” explained NPR’s Ben Brock Johnson. “Sure enough, they’re there. We found dozens of paleoartists online that identify as queer.” Read more…

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