Outrageous Black Professor Unleashes Hate Against White Americans

In examining the historical relations between Islam and the West, it becomes clear that a deliberate distortion has occurred. Aggressors are portrayed as victims while victims are labeled as aggressors. However, this article delves into an even more urgent issue—the intentional distortion of history that breeds hatred, contempt, and even calls for violence against whites among segments of the nonwhite population.

Last year, Brittney Cooper, an associate professor at Rutgers University, delivered a hateful speech targeting “white people,” going as far as proclaiming, “we got to take these motherf**ers out!” Shockingly, despite her inflammatory remarks, she continues to teach at Rutgers.

Cooper’s racist rant included a claim that “white people are committed to being villains, in the aggregate.” She accused white people of fearing that there is no alternative way to be human and justified their actions by insinuating that nonwhites would have done the same in their position.

This is not a new argument. More than 15 years ago, an article highlighted the significance of capabilities throughout history. Whites were not inherently violent, but their dominance resulted from their ability to conquer and subjugate. The article posed rhetorical questions, imagining scenarios where nonwhites possessed superior technologies and asked if they would have acted differently.

Cooper dismisses these questions while asserting that black and brown people sailed the oceans and interacted without subjugation or colonialism, which demonstrates a profound lack of understanding. However, her ignorance fuels her desire to see whites eliminated, as she believes their intrinsic evil is in their blood.

In reality, throughout history, all peoples—regardless of race—engaged in conflicts and pursued conquest when they had the means to do so. Pre-Columbian America, for example, involved slavery, cannibalism, and mass human sacrifice among indigenous peoples. Similarly, Africans were involved in intertribal wars, slaughtering, and enslaving one another long before the arrival of whites.

Despite Western efforts to abolish slavery, modern-day slavery persists predominantly in non-Western regions, with Africa having the highest prevalence. Over 50 million people are currently enslaved worldwide, yet Cooper disregards these facts, pinning the blame solely on whites and advocating for their elimination.

Sadly, Cooper’s distorted version of history is not unique. Many in the West, beyond the woke crowd, have embraced this false narrative that vilifies whites while portraying nonwhites as virtuous and peaceful. It’s a manufactured lie that fosters a deep-rooted hatred for whites, even among white individuals themselves. It is crucial to expose this manipulation and present the truth to counter the growing animosity based on false historical interpretations.

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