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Shocking: Schiff Clings to Debunked Russian Collusion Claims

Oh, how amusing it is to witness the persistent delusions of Rep. Adam Schiff and his ilk on the left. Despite the recent release of the Durham Report, which clearly stated that there was no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, Schiff simply cannot let go of his favorite conspiracy theory. It’s almost endearing how he clings to his wild claims, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

According to Schiff, the report’s findings are merely a matter of timing. He insists that while there was no evidence of collusion at the beginning of the investigation, it must have magically appeared later on. Ah, yes, because we all know that evidence has a tendency to materialize out of thin air when it suits the narrative. Clearly, Schiff possesses a special kind of insight that allows him to see things that no one else can.

But let’s not forget Schiff’s creative interpretation of the report’s findings. Despite the fact that it explicitly states that there is no evidence to support his claims, Schiff points to Paul Manafort’s sharing of polling data with a Russian intelligence agent as a clear act of collusion. Oh, how devious Manafort must have been, providing internal polling data as a part of some grand plot to steal the election. It’s truly remarkable how Schiff manages to spin a complete lack of evidence into a compelling tale of conspiracy.

And let’s not overlook Schiff’s desperate attempts to drag Donald Trump Jr. and Michael Flynn into his web of deceit. The report mentions Trump Jr. only in passing, as it found nothing of consequence related to him. But why let facts get in the way when you can fabricate connections and insinuate wrongdoing? As for Flynn, Schiff conveniently ignores the fact that his discussions with the Russian ambassador occurred after Trump had already won the election. But why bother with inconvenient truths when you can craft a narrative that fits your agenda?

Schiff’s refusal to let go of the Russian collusion story speaks volumes about the left’s desperation. They demand unquestioning acceptance of the 2020 election results while shamelessly peddling a baseless lie about Trump colluding with Russia. It’s truly remarkable how their double standards know no bounds. They seek to suppress, censor, or even jail those who question the legitimacy of the election, while simultaneously engaging in a relentless campaign to cast doubt on Trump’s victory.

In the end, Schiff’s persistent clinging to the Russian collusion narrative only serves to highlight the intellectual bankruptcy of the left. Their willingness to ignore facts and perpetuate falsehoods for political gain is truly astounding. But fear not, for the truth has a way of shining through, no matter how hard they try to smother it with their deceit. So let them continue their charade, for it only reinforces the conservative perspective that the left is guided more by ideology than by truth.

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