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Will Carmakers Be the Ones to Finally Murder Conservative Talk Radio?

No single conservative talk radio show could ever replace the late, great Rush Limbaugh, and maybe nothing can replace talk radio in its daily reach to millions of conservative listeners. How often do you hop in your car, turn the ignition, and find the radio is already on and tuned to your favorite host?

Every time? Almost every time? When I’m not listening to music in the car on my iPhone, I’m not sure the virtual dial has ever left my favorite local talk station. Talk radio is how tens of millions of us get our daily dose of unfiltered news and opinion.

Talk radio exploded in the late ’80s, after the Reagan Administration’s repeal of the 40-year-old Fairness Doctrine that had effectively squelched conservative voices on TV and radio. Rush, as was his wont, led the way. Many have followed, and the current generation of hosts that includes Mark Levin, Dana Loesch, Steve Deace, and so many others, is as solid as we’ve ever seen.

Er, ever heard.

Now imagine you hop in your new car for the first time, pull up the radio on the infotainment screen, look for the AM button, and… there isn’t one. Read more…

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