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Is This the End of Donald Trump?

Former President Trump and his die-hard allies raised $250 million off their claims the 2020 election was stolen — but most of the funds went toward his newly created Save America PAC rather than to pay for various challenges to Joe Biden’s victory, the House select committee probing last year’s Capitol riot revealed Monday.

In a video presentation near the end of the committee’s second public hearing in five days, the panel’s senior investigative counsel, Amanda Wick, said the 45th president’s campaign “pushed false election claims to fundraise, telling supporters it would be used to fight voter fraud that did not exist.”

…The video included screenshots of emails imploring Trump supporters to donate to an “Official Election Defense Fund.”

“The select committee discovered no such fund existed,” said Wick.

The committee also played audio of Trump 2020 campaign digital director Gary Coby agreeing with an interrogator who suggested the fund was merely a “marketing tactic.”

The House select committee investigating the Capitol riot revealed Trump’s fraud on Monday. Read more…

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