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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology

Fox News, the conservative media powerhouse, is facing revelations that its internal policies embrace progressive gender ideology. The company’s employee handbook, obtained by The Daily Signal, outlines a range of policies that promote gender identity rights. This includes allowing employees to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender identity, dress according to their preferred gender, and be addressed by their chosen name and pronouns. Fox even offers assistance in developing a “Workplace Transition Plan” to support employees during their gender transition.

Conservatives have expressed concern over Fox Digital’s use of activist language and pronouns when covering individuals like TikTok celebrity Dylan Mulvaney and swimmer Lia Thomas. Additionally, the network faced backlash for a segment in June 2022 that praised a child’s gender transition, which many viewed as promoting a radical agenda. Former employees, who spoke anonymously, disclosed that Fox News presents a façade of supporting conservative values while promoting progressive ideologies behind the scenes.

The cancellation of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” raised eyebrows among conservative circles. Carlson had recently delivered a viral speech at The Heritage Foundation, celebrating its 50th anniversary gala. Although Fox News Media did not provide a reason for the cancellation, insiders claimed that producers of the new 8 p.m. program were directed not to criticize Mulvaney, allegedly at the behest of high-level executives.

Fox’s employee handbook reflects compliance with legal requirements in New York City, where the company is headquartered. The New York City Human Rights Law mandates using preferred names, pronouns, and titles regardless of biological sex. It also ensures access to gender-aligned facilities and prohibits the requirement of single-occupancy restrooms for transgender individuals. Fox’s policies appear to align with these legal obligations.

Critics argue that Fox’s embrace of progressive gender ideology contradicts its public image as a champion of conservative values. Some employees lamented the network’s hypocrisy, claiming that it operates like any other mega-corporation with similar policies and employees. The network’s refusal to respond to inquiries from The Daily Signal adds fuel to the controversy.

In the face of these revelations, conservatives are disheartened by what they perceive as Fox News’ departure from their shared values. The network’s alleged blacklisting of certain individuals critical of transgender ideology, such as Matt Walsh from The Daily Wire, has further fueled suspicions. Conservatives argue that Fox News has embraced extreme leftism by endorsing radical gender ideology, a departure from their audience’s expectations.

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