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WATCH: Karine Jean-Pierre Calls Kamala Harris ‘the President’

In all seriousness, has there ever been an administration where so many people within it can’t seem to remember who the president is?

On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre referred to Kamala Harris as “President” during the daily press briefing.

“On Sunday, the President will speak about the fight to secure women’s fundamental right to reproductive health care in the face of these attacks. She will talk about what’s at stake for millions of women across the country and, most importantly, the need for Congress to codify for the protections of Roe into law.”

And… she was reading from her notes at the time.

It was originally speculated in the early days of the administration that Joe Biden was a trojan horse candidate and that Kamala would quickly be elevated to president. Not only did that never happen, but it’s also become clear that there is tension between Harris and Biden. Read more…

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