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Shocking Amnesia! Feinstein Denies 10-Week Senate Absence

In a bizarre display of selective memory, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California seemed to conveniently forget her extensive absence from Washington, D.C. during a recent interview. Despite being absent from the Senate for a whopping three months due to the shingles virus, Feinstein scolded a reporter who dared to mention her time away and boldly claimed she had been “here, voting.” Oh, the wonders of self-delusion!

At the age of 89, Feinstein’s absence from the Senate was certainly not a trivial matter. But since her return, she has made a grand entrance in a wheelchair, accompanied by a noticeably reduced schedule. One might wonder if her health struggles have impacted her ability to fulfill her duties effectively.

During the interview, as Feinstein had just voted against a measure aimed at nullifying certain D.C. criminal justice reforms, she encountered a reporter. With a hint of condescension, she greeted the reporter, dismissing their eagerness to inquire about her recent return. It was clear that Feinstein was not in the mood to entertain questions about her time away from the Senate.

When pressed about her return and the well-wishes from her colleagues, Feinstein demonstrated a stunning lack of recollection. “What have I heard about what?” she quipped, seemingly baffled by the notion that she had been absent at all. Despite the reporter’s attempt to clarify that she may have been working remotely, Feinstein adamantly denied her absence and insisted she had been present and actively voting.

With an air of arrogance, Feinstein brought the interview to an abrupt close, leaving the reporter and the public bewildered by her refusal to acknowledge the reality of her prolonged absence. Even before her encounter with shingles, concerns had been raised about Feinstein’s fitness to continue serving in the Senate, given her advanced age. These concerns have only intensified since her diagnosis, especially considering the potential implications for critical votes, such as those pertaining to President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees.

One can’t help but question the extent to which Feinstein’s selective memory and diminished schedule might impact her ability to fulfill her responsibilities effectively. With such important decisions at stake, it is crucial to ensure that the Senate operates with members who are fully present and capable of representing their constituents.

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