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Shocking Advice: State Senator Urges Parents to Escape California’s Radical Gender Agenda

The situation unfolding in California is a clear example of what happens when one political faction gains absolute control over a region. We have witnessed the arrogance of an empowered political class that believes it can exercise unlimited authority over its citizens. Whether it be fascist Germany, communist Russia, Maoist China, or democratic California, the pattern remains the same.

The latest piece of legislation being proposed in the California legislature, AB 957, is not surprising considering the circumstances. The bill seeks to rewrite the California Family Code and includes “gender affirmation” as a requirement alongside a child’s health, safety, and welfare. Proponents argue that the bill merely provides judges with additional information about how parents are raising their children. However, the slippery slope is evident. If parents refuse to provide “gender-affirming care” to their child, they could potentially be charged with child abuse.

Senator Scott Wilk, the sole member of the state senate to raise concerns, has witnessed firsthand the erosion of parental rights in California. He highlights the assault on charter schools, the government’s intrusion in medical care decisions, and now the threat of removing children from homes if parents do not adhere to government ideology. Wilk, who previously encouraged people to keep fighting, now urges parents to flee California if they truly love their children.

The dominance of Democrats in state government is absolute, with supermajorities in both the Assembly and the Senate, backed by radical left state judges who enforce their legislative agenda. A telling exchange between Democrats during the committee discussion on AB 957 reveals the state of democracy in California. While some expressed concerns about the lack of a clear definition for “affirmation,” others dismissed those concerns, claiming that the term was already defined elsewhere in California law and that its ambiguity provides judges with flexibility. The bill ultimately passed with overwhelming support from Democrats.

With Republicans vastly outnumbered in the state legislature, they must carefully choose their battles. While some dissent is expressed, the reality is that their influence is limited. The lopsided composition of the Assembly and the Senate leaves little room for effective opposition. Therefore, for parents who value their rights and freedoms, leaving the state may be a rational decision rather than an extreme one. When the government brooks no opposition and considers any defiance a threat, fleeing becomes a matter of common sense.

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