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Explosive Whistleblower Reveals FBI’s Shocking Deception Tactics

Hold onto your hats, folks! A new report from House Republicans has exposed the FBI’s little game of deception. Apparently, according to these brave whistleblowers, the FBI has been categorizing Capitol riot cases in a way that inflates the domestic terrorism statistics in the United States. How thoughtful of them to mislead us and artificially make it seem like there’s a rise in extremism!

The GOP report, released by the House Judiciary Committee and chaired by the one and only Rep. Jim Jordan, reveals that the FBI pressured agents to reclassify cases as domestic violent extremism (DVE). They even went so far as to manufacture DVE cases where none existed. It’s almost like they’re trying to create a national problem out of one violent riot that happened over two years ago. Such dedication to the cause!

Whistleblowers claim that the FBI’s Washington Field Office played a pivotal role in categorizing these Capitol riot cases. But, of course, they had to make it seem like a nationwide issue rather than a localized event. Why follow standard procedures when you can manipulate the narrative, right? I must say, the FBI has really outdone themselves in their creativity.

The GOP report highlights the fact that the FBI’s case categorization creates a false impression of widespread domestic terrorism investigations. They’re making it seem like field offices all across the country are dealing with a surge in DVE cases, when in reality, it all stems from the same investigation into the actions at the Capitol on January 6. Who needs accurate data when you can create an illusion of chaos?

But let’s not forget the important work the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have been doing. They revealed that a significant portion of the rise in domestic terrorism investigations is directly related to the Capitol riot. See? They’re really on top of things, protecting us from those dangerous lone offenders and small groups of individuals with ideological beliefs and personal grievances. Thank goodness for their tireless efforts.

So, kudos to the FBI for their ingenuity in manipulating data and artificially inflating the domestic terrorism threat. We should all be grateful for their creative accounting practices and their ability to make one case look like a thousand cases. After all, who needs transparency and honesty when you can have a sensationalized narrative? Well done, FBI, well done.

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