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Explosive Claim: MTG Calls for Impeachment of Biden and Christopher Wray

On May 18, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, marking a significant move from the conservative standpoint. Greene’s office released a press statement outlining the articles, which assert that Biden has “abused the power of the Office of the President by endangering the security of the United States” and committed other “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

During an interview, Greene expressed her belief that both Biden and FBI Director Christopher Wray should be impeached. She accused Wray of using his position to shield the Biden family’s alleged crimes from public scrutiny, particularly in relation to ongoing investigations into their financial dealings.

The articles of impeachment primarily focus on controversies surrounding the Biden administration’s handling of the southern border. One section accuses Biden of allowing illegal aliens to enter the United States in violation of immigration laws, admitting individuals with COVID-19 into the country, and neglecting Congress’s mandate to complete the southern border wall, thus compromising border agents’ resources.

The press release from Greene’s office also highlights the differential treatment of illegal immigrants compared to American citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. It asserts that Biden endangered American lives by permitting infected illegal aliens to enter the country while imposing strict testing requirements on American citizens returning from overseas.

The articles further delve into the consequences of Biden’s immigration policies, citing issues such as fentanyl overdoses within the United States and the termination of the Migrant Protection Protocol. This program enabled the return of illegal immigrants to Mexico, where they awaited proper legal processes, with Mexico offering humanitarian aid during their stay.

Greene concludes her press release by stating that Biden has violated his constitutional duty and poses a direct threat to national security. From the conservative perspective, these allegations justify the impeachment of the President, particularly considering the ongoing surge of illegal immigration, which has continued to escalate since January 2023, according to reports from Pew.

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