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Bombshell Indictment: Deep State’s Election Rigging Exposed Again

The recent actions taken against former President Donald Trump by the Department of Justice and the FBI are indicative of a continued effort to undermine the will of the American people and manipulate future elections. These same institutions that relentlessly pursued false accusations of collusion with Russia are once again attempting to rig the game in their favor.

In 2016, the FBI embarked on a baseless investigation into Trump, fueled by a narrative concocted by Clinton campaign operatives. Despite the lack of evidence, the deep state capitalized on their disdain for Trump and leaked information from the discredited Steele dossier to the corporate media. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was let off the hook for mishandling classified information, highlighting the double standards at play.

Despite Trump’s legitimate victory in the 2016 election, Democrats refused to accept the results and continuously sought to undermine his presidency. Two failed impeachment attempts and incessant smears from the media were just some of the tactics employed to delegitimize his administration. By the time the 2020 election came around, the ruling class had made it clear that they wanted Trump out of office at all costs.

The 2020 election saw further attempts to undermine Trump’s chances of re-election. Democrats, under the guise of COVID-19, pushed for changes to election codes in swing states, such as expanding mail-in voting and relaxing verification standards. These changes benefited Democrats and created opportunities for fraud. Additionally, Big Tech joined the campaign against Trump, censoring his posts and suppressing stories about Biden’s corruption.

The influence of Big Tech and the corporate media was evident when they actively suppressed stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop and amplified a letter smearing the reporting as Russian disinformation. This manipulation of information influenced the outcome of the election, with one in six Biden voters admitting they would have changed their vote if they had known about Biden’s scandals. Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg funneled large sums of money to favor Democrats in key states.

Despite their success in defeating Trump in 2020, the corrupt complex that orchestrated these efforts is not satisfied. They now seek to criminalize Trump, raiding his home and reviving cases against him. The weak legal basis of these prosecutions is evident, but Democrats and the Biden administration are determined to prevent Trump from running for office again.

The deep state’s disregard for justice and their relentless pursuit of Trump reflect their desperation to maintain their grip on power. Democrats fear they cannot defeat Trump and the movement he represents through fair means, so they resort to partisan tactics and manipulation. The American people recognize this sham and want true accountability, not politically motivated prosecutions.

In conclusion, the actions taken against Trump by the Department of Justice and the FBI are part of a broader pattern of attempts to undermine conservative values and manipulate elections. The deep state is willing to go to extreme lengths to prevent Trump from regaining power and to silence those who seek to expose corruption. It is crucial for conservatives to remain vigilant and defend the principles of justice and fairness in our democratic process.

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