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If Elected, I Will Outlaw All Virtue Signaling

The rise of virtue-signaling leftists, devoid of actual virtue, is one of the most concerning outcomes of America’s shift towards a Soviet-like mentality during the pandemic. While the left has long been guilty of presenting themselves as morally superior while engaging in morally questionable behavior, this tendency has been amplified in the wake of the Wuhan Chinese Bat Flu.

Virtue signaling has always been about the minimum effort required to appear virtuous. Throughout the pandemic, this became increasingly apparent, particularly in the blue parts of the United States where people clung to their masks like security blankets. By 2023, many were wearing masks not out of necessity, but as a means to signal their supposed moral superiority.

I must admit that I, too, posted a few pictures of myself wearing a mask during the pandemic. These were moments when I was genuinely doing good, such as volunteering at the Community Food Bank. However, my perspective has since changed.

Masks are just one example of this behavior. As we approach Pride Month, we are subjected to the wearisome and prolonged virtue signaling from some of the most intolerant individuals in America. For thirty days, they convince themselves that simply being associated with a rainbow signifies their progressiveness and impending sainthood.

It is crucial to clarify that this criticism is not directed at LGBTQ+ individuals themselves, although it is unfortunate that intolerance exists even within their ranks. Rather, it is the privileged leftists who attach themselves to marginalized groups, pretending to comprehend their struggles while perpetuating their own biases. This is particularly evident among white upper-class liberals who engage in a shallow display of empathy by surrounding themselves with black and gay individuals.

In their pursuit to eradicate God from American society, Democrats have cultivated a twisted, pseudo-religious ideology. This allows them to derive a false sense of purpose and meaning from their actions, despite their shallowness. Hand them a Pride pin, a mask, and a Prius, and they believe they have reached the moral pinnacle akin to St. Teresa of Ávila.

The problems that afflict our once-great nation are largely the result of leftists who falsely believe they occupy the moral high ground, while in reality, they wallow in depths of depravity that would shock even Caligula. Virtue signaling is merely the initial symptom of a cancer that erodes our constitutional values.

While I have no aspirations to hold public office, I would willingly campaign to outlaw all forms of virtue signaling if given the opportunity. Without a doubt, this would be followed promptly by my departure from office. In the meantime, I will continue the challenging endeavor of striving to be a reasonably decent human being.

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