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Biden Says Federal Law Must Protect Transing Kids

The Economist magazine just published an article about how the Democrat Party is coming to its senses and moving back to the center, leaving behind its flirtation with progressive ideology.

When I saw that story I chuckled, because it is about as delusional as the people who believe that Francis Ford Coppola faked the moon landing with 1969-era CGI, or the people worried about falling off the edge of a flat earth.

Not too long after I read this tweet I watched this video from our allegedly centrist president.

This apparently counts as centrism in 2023: forcing states to ensure that it is legal to perform medical procedures on children as young as 8 that will permanently sterilize and mutilate them for life.

We can all the debates in the world about the wisdom of adults being treated for gender dysphoria medically vs psychiatrically. But adults are capable of informed consent, and even if they are making a significant mistake, it is theirs to make because it is their life. Read more…

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